Our Vision and Mission


We want to create a society, where everyone can live with dignity and enjoy the equal opportunities. VishwaTech Education is committed to provide one of the best education to the under-privileged children in rural areas and we also conduct surveys and social research work for the weaker section of the society, so that we can help them out in a more positive way. We have a team of qualified teachers, professionals and their common vision is to provide quality education to the unprivileged children. Nobody can deny the fact that children are the future of the country, and we try to make changes in the life of the children by providing them one of the best educations, which will naturally help them to be a better citizen. We want to improve the society by providing quality education to underprivileged children.


Our vision is not only to provide quality education to the schedule cast and schedule tribes of the rural area, but also, give them vocational training, and make them aware about their potential, so that they can be self dependent. VishwaTech Education is absolutely committed towards their goal and simply does not mind to walk an extra mile or two to achieve our goal. And our goal is to provide quality education, vocational training, computer training, make them aware about different awareness programmers of the government to underprivileged children/ man/ women of the rural areas and make them self-dependent. We exclusively work with the Dalit and tribal people, and are committed toward their cause. Our ultimate aim is to provide free and proper education, introduce them to different awareness program of the government, etc. We work in partnership with organization as well as individuals. We are committed to take the computer education to the remote and underdeveloped rural areas of the Madhya Pradesh.

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News & Events

Industrial Visit

We conducted an Industrial visit for the students of NRI on 29th March2011. Students of CS and IT visited our premises for this.


We conducted a seminar on Networking in Bansal college Anand Nagar for the students of MCA.

Corporate Training for navy

19 jaunary 2009 vishwatech entered in the world of corporate training and the very first corporate training held at vishwatech premises is for National Defense (Navy) candidates from Indian navy had successfully completed 36 hours training on computer hardware and networking from vishwatech.
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